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Journal Excerpts

I pray that the words that will be shared here on this page will be a blessing to you.

They are words the Lord spoke to my heart during times of prayer.

They are not listed in any particular order,

I will look for the leading and guiding of the Lord as to what to share and how. 

Submissions From Others

A Call To Write

March 12, 1998 10:13 a.m.


These are the words I heard the Lord speak to my heart; a summons to respond to a prophetic word spoken over me by a dear man Prophet Chuck Flynn, who went home to be with the Lord in 2013.

I have anointed your hands to write. Write often. I am with you.


The days are coming when you will have more time to sit and talk with me.


This is good. You will speak My word. You will speak My words…they are life. They will bring life to those that hear.

Will you listen for My voice? Will you obey My voice? Be slow to speak, quick to hear.


Consume My word. Let it become life to you. As it sustains you, you will give of the life that is within you.

My Manifesto

July 7, 2013


To see the Power Point of my manifesto click the Read More Button!

A manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

I want to be the’ someone’ I needed.  We all need someone at one point or another during the course of our lives. 


When I was younger I wanted someone to listen to the words I was afraid to say.  I needed someone to encourage me to be ‘Me’.

To tell me I didn't have to try to be like everyone else. That God created me and wanted me to be His unique treasure.


January 10, 2007

11:20 a.m.


A different type of concept... that what I need I am to give away to others.

The Lord sent me to Habakkuk 3:1-19

"Give.  Give of yourself.  Give of your time.  Give of your substances. 


That is how you will lay up for yourself this year.  Do not gather and hoard.  Do not build your storehouses. 


The canker-worm will eat and devour it.  Give and it shall be given unto you." 


Lord is pestilence coming this year? 


"Come what may, be ye also ready.  Do not prepare in fear.  Do not build great storehouses that will come to naught. 


Give.  That which you need, that which you want; give."

The Key - Guest Entry

January 1, 1985


A young man at our church shared a vision he had.

Brother Jim shared a vision:

He saw a gold key, on one side was the word obedience / on the other side the word rebellion. 


There was a door, and through the door a man could be seen, with his hands to the plow.  There were no animals pulling the plow. 


A man was picking up the rocks.  Another was sowing seeds, and a woman was pulling bitter weeds.

GATEWAY! - Guest Entry

March 19, 2020


​This was written by one of

my spiritual daughters in the

Lord, Pastor Yolaunda.

She shared this with the

ladies in her churches

prayer group, after a time of

seeking the Lord for answers.

Our country is in the grips of

a national emergency; the

Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Pastor Yolaunda of River of Life Kingdom Ministries wrote:

During my time of seeking the Lord this morning, although I was overwhelming thankful & totally grateful for the blessing of things being as well as they are & being an able bodied recipient of the new mercies of God granted with this day, I found myself a little weepy & filled with questions. God faithfully met me with great revelation, wisdom, peace & understanding as HE SPOKE TO ME BY THE WAY!


And they said one to another; Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? Luke 24:32

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