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Give of yourself.  Give of your time.  Give of your substances. 


That is how you will lay up for yourself this year.  Do not gather and hoard.  Do not build your storehouses. 


The canker-worm will eat and devour it.  Give and it shall be given unto you.  Lord is pestilence coming this year? 


Come what may, be ye also ready.  Do not prepare in fear.  Do not build great storehouses that will come to naught.  Give. 


That which you need, that which you want; give.



My army, my flock, prepare for battle.  What are your weapons?  Do not choose the carnal weapons. 


The weapons of our warfare are spiritual.  They are mighty to the pulling down of strong holds. 


Be ye also ready.  As a soldier prepares for battle he trains, he knows his weapons; he pushes himself to the limit and beyond. 


He studies and knows his enemy.  Do not be caught unaware.


Yes my child this word is true.  Prepare, but not in the ways of old.  Give what you need to get.  Pray.  Don’t think so natural.  What do you need spiritually?  Your mind goes to earthquakes, drought, and the like.  No food, water, or shelter.  Take that to the spiritual, a great shaking in the spirit, an upheaval in the house of God.  No manna or bread from heaven.  No living water or spirit to drink deep.  No shelter or covering.

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