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You Are A Treasure!

Discover, Mature, Then Share Your God Given Treasure!

When you have something that is valuable you want to make sure that you appraise it, care for it, protect it, and when the time comes you bequeath it. So how do we do this? For ourselves and also for one another?


We need to take an assessment, figure out how to care for ourselves (and others) protect ourselves, and share with others.

There are things inside each of us that may be lost forever if we don’t take the time to share or teach them to someone else. 

Are we in such a hurry to move forward that we have forgotten what it is like to be unsure, doubtful, or confused? 

We look around and we see young mothers uncertain as to how to take care of their infants. We watch new wives struggle with making a go of marriage, we want to share ideas and advice but aren't sure whether it will be received, wanted,or even appreciated.


So we keep quiet. We see a lot but we have been conditioned to keep our mouths shut.

The need is there, we want to fill it.  Women As Treasure's® concept is to have a virtual (and at times home based) 'mentoring program';  facilitating natural and planned mentoring; connecting those that have and want to share with those that need and want training, counseling, or coaching. There is love and concern for women; married, single, widowed or divorced.  We strive to foster connections, friendships, and counseling, while assisting others to do the same. 

Making a difference in this world is a goal worth attaining.  When your aim is to help others, and not just yourself – you win!

Our goal is to help while being helped! ​I will consider what we do here on this site as being successful when we ALL become the 'person'(s) that God would have us to become.

Being the best 'you' that you can be will require us to cultivate the skills, talents, and gifts that the Lord has placed within us.  We must locate them. We must nurture them. We must bring them to maturity. Are you ready to seek out the treasures the Lord has placed within you?

          We pray that site will be a blessing to all who click by.

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