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About Us

About Women As Treasure ®

Women are highly valued (at least they should be).

We hold to the belief that once women are armed with the knowledge that they are indeed valuable, a treasure if you will; they will not only respect themselves but require others to do so as well.


The goal will then be to have the women to share/teach others what they have learned.

Topics we will discuss are compassion, good works, superficial barriers, who we think we are, who God says we are, what we aren't, and finally what do we want to do about it. We look forward to you adding your voice to the discussions!


Our vision is to see women encouraged, and excelling in all areas of their lives. Providing ladies the opportunity to explore the vast treasures they house within themselves. Thus offering them avenues to nurture, celebrate and share those very treasures.

We want to see women united for the purpose of strengthening, encouraging and celebrating one another!

Our mission is to promote the fact that women are unique treasures created by God. By strengthening and uniting women they will be in a better position to help one another. We will meet physically and virtually to share, learn, and encourage one another.

Our purpose - Connecting Treasure!

The premise being, each of us contain unique God given treasures.  

Whether it's here on this site, at teas, or conferences we encourage women to discover their treasures, develop and share them with other women. We are stronger when we join hands to help one another.

When we help one another we all win!


The Love

Women are nurturers by nature, we many times go out of our way to make sure our love ones are well cared for.


However, complications may arise when the very care we freely give to others is not available to us.

Let's make sure we receive the help that we need when we need it.

One Sister at A Time

We are stronger when we join hands to help one another. You are not alone; at least you don't have to be. Together we will discover the unique treasures we were created to be.

The word 'networking' is thrown around so much I hesitate to use it. I want us to be ​'Champion's'.

Champions one for another.

Is there a women in your life or that you know of that has been an inspiration to you or someone you know?

There's no time like the present. Let them know what they mean to you. How they may have helped you in the past.

​We are stronger when we help, assist, encourage, and motivate one another.

Wanda Tucker

I am passionate about women! Who we are, and certainly who we are not.


I've learned Ladies that we are treasure. Not because of what we do,.. we are treasure because of who God says we are!


Know that being a treasure is not tied to your accomplishments, your titles, your prestige, or the lack thereof.

Know that your past does not dictate your future!

My Manifesto

My Brand Statement

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