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A Call To Write


I have anointed your hands to write. Write often.

I am with you. The days are coming when you will have more time to sit and talk with me. This is good.

You will speak My word. You will speak My words…they are life. They will bring life to those that hear.

Will you listen for My voice? Will you obey My voice? Be slow to speak, quick to hear.

Consume My word.


Let it become life to you. As it sustains you, you will give of the life that is within you.

This is as it was with Me; My word (Jesus)was with Me. I spoke My word. My word began life, it walked this earth. My word shared My words with others it gave them new life. My word is within you. Bring it forth. Give life to those that will listen.

You are trying to get confused with the life that is within you. [This is what the Lord was speaking to my heart] You are impregnated with My word. The time is here, bring it forth. Bring it with power. Bring it in love.


It sounds strange to you “being impregnated with My word.” You think some big thing will happen. It is just like it is in the natural. A man and a women come together “her” egg is fertilized with his seed. There is a coming together. That seed and egg become an embryo.

That child grows in the womb until the fullness of time, and then the child is brought forth. You cannot faint when it is time to bring forth that life. You and the baby could be in danger of death.

You must labor.

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