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The Key

Obedience vs. Rebellion

Brother Jim (a brother at our church) shared a vision:

He saw a gold key, on one side was the word obedience / on the other rebellion. 


There was a door, and through the door a man could be seen, with his hands to the plow. 


There were no animals pulling the plow. 

A man was picking up the rocks. 


Another was sowing seeds, and a woman

was pulling bitter weeds.


Men and women (husbands and wife’s) must learn to work together,

find pleasure in one another. 


If they do not the man will become as a brick wall to her, and the woman will become as a bitter weed to her husband.


Lance shared how he has seen me take scraps of material and make a blanket.


We are those scraps of material; apart we are almost worthless.


Woven together, a beautiful warm blanket.

The Holy Spirit is the thread weaving us together.

Together we can provide warmth and covering.

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