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The Treasure Academy

Academy Vision

Is to see women grow and mature in truth and in love. To supply 'treasures' in the form of lessons/sessions that will encourage, heal, enlighten, and set captives free.

Academy Mission

Albeit a lofty one will be accomplished by tapping into the knowledge and wisdom God has richly deposited into His creation.  US! We will discover, nurture, and share who and what we are, one with another.

Academy Purpose

We were all created for a purpose. The sessions that will be offered will be geared towards exploring the 'who, what, where, when and how' regarding our purpose.

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

For quite some time we have wanted to create a S.T.A.R Team of Titus 2:3 women. Women willing to: S.hare T.rain A.dvise R.eassure Prayerfully in the six months our 'Mini Mentoring' Program will be ready to launch. Materials will be available to you where you will work at your own pace on topics that are of an interest to you. Materials geared towards topics that prayerfully benefit us all.

12 Months to becoming a better you?

This Challenge took place in the Dallas, Texas area. The sessions will be made available in a condensed version. .

"The Building Resiliency Workbook" by Ester A Leutenber & John J. Liptak  was an excellent supplement to our sessions. We are not affiliates or have any connection to - just found the workbook to be helpful.

  1. Intro, Love & Acceptance   [Pages 15-24 in workbook]                   Free Download-Class-Participation-For-Session-One

  2. Forgiveness (self & others)   [Pages 25-28; 30-33 workbook]         Free Download-Class-Participation-For-Session-Two

  3. Goals   [Pages 37-44 workbook]                                                        Free Download-Class-Participation-For-Session-Three

  4. The A, B, C Process (Discovery/Evaluation/Action)

  5. Mapping (Can't get to where you want to go until you know & accept where you are.)

  6. Castle Builders (giving yourself permission to dream)

  7. Investing (In yourself & others)

  8. Increase (Health/Finances/Household & Time Management)

  9. Protection (Of self & others)

  10. Uniquely You (What's your sound?)

  11. Why Are We Treasure?


What Can My Little Bit Do?

  1. Volunteer / Share  (In your community - shelters, convalescent homes, library, or church)    

  2. Can you make a Pillow Case? Option One, Option Two   There is a pillow case challenge going on.         

  3. Show Kindness to others!

  4. Philanthropy - Help Our Children


Life Lessons

  1. Being a Wife

  2. What About Me

  3. Cooking 101  :-)


For Our Future

  1. Reading, Writing, and Coding



  1. Lesson One - Intro

  2. Lesson Two - The Belt Of Truth

  3. Lesson Three - Breastplate Of Righteousness

  4. Lesson Four = Having Your Feet Shod With The Preparation Of The Gospel Of Peace

  5. Lesson Five - The Shield Of Faith

  6. Lesson Six = Helmet Of Salvation

  7. Lesson Seven - The Sword Of The Spirit

Classes On Demand

Bible Lessons - Melanie Newton - Joyful Walk Ministries 

  1. Brand New Christian, or Needing a Fresh Start

  2. Knowing Jesus 

  3. II Timothy


2017 Sessions (By Invitation Only)   Listen To Our First Session


Events    ​​


  1. I Celebrate Me Teas

  2. Book Review Teas

  3. Sisterhood Sessions 1 or 101

  4. Webinars

  5. Seminars



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