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Pastor Wanda Tucker and her husband

Apostle Lance will celebrate 40 years of

marriage later this year.

From their union they have been blessed

with four wonderful adult children,

a daughter-in-law and three awesome

grandchildren; all of whom they

are extremely proud.

Pastor Wanda’s childhood dream was to be a wife and mother.   She feels truly blessed with the immediate family the Lord has blessed her with and the growing extended church family she has adopted and nurtured over the years.

As her walk with the Lord strengthens every day, her portrait as a Titus 2 Woman of God continues to be refined to exhibit true strength and vitality in the Lord.  She is slowly accepting the fact that she is one of the ‘Older Women’, but her spirit and personality is still very young at heart. 

The Lord has blessed her with an online woman’s resource, ‘Women as Treasure’, that serves as a vehicle for devotionals, resources and countless materials every woman should have to lead a successful life in their demanding daily routines.  God gave her the vision to inspire and teach young and older women how to navigate life’s challenges.  She has taken this vision and created an interactive resource for all women in need of guidance.  


So it is no great surprise that Pastor Wanda enjoys interacting with people! The goal is to help women young and old live better lives. If she had things her way no one would hurt, be sad or live beneath their full potential. ..All would be right in the world!

All that is shared is from the heart of a woman that has a desire to help.  Her belief and trust in Jesus are very much a part of her everyday life.  She does not put on or take off her belief in Jesus Christ.  Nor does she ever put her faith in Him ‘on the shelf’ when the opportunity is convenient. 

Pastor Wanda’s devotion; love for Christ and vehicle of testimony can be summarized by the following statement:                                          

I am a Woman of Treasure®. I herald the Good News of Christ’s ability to comfort and give deliverance from things that bind women naturally, emotionally and spiritually. With the Word of God as my example, I am committed to share love, practical life lessons and inspirational devotions through my teachings, blogs and intimate gathering. By this I am a branch of The Love of God.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a devoted wife, loving mother and grandmother, faithful servant, committed prayer warrior, Developer and Founder of Women as Treasure,

Co-Founder of LWT Apostolic Ministries; formally known as Lance and Wanda Ministries.

It is now - Lord We Trust Apostolic Ministries.


Pastor Wanda K. Tucker….

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