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Many of us are guilty of trying to cram

30 hours of work into each 24 hour day...

We have convinced ourselves that we must work longer hours, and micro manage every waking hour down to the minute.


We are strapped with stress, we eat on the go and many times the food we eat is not healthy. We need to slow down before we work ourselves into an early grave.

If I were to ask you what do you do for fun... I hope you would say something like gardening, hiking, journaling, ceramics, knitting, cooking, or maybe even dancing. These activities along with others can be calming.

So what do you do? Do you read, listen to music, or maybe even color... these things can reduce your heart rate, and even improve your mood.  


So don't work the day away... take out a little time to ease the tension in your life.


We would love for you to share your hobbies with us. Feel free to contact us and show us what it is you do to relax. This would be a good place to show case your talents.        

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